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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPS:

These additional packages are intended as information for you and represent an extract of the possibilities of our insurance partners.

For more details you can contact me by email, chat or phone.



New goals, opportunity to recognize, changes begin to make that whole.

Employees - binding through the tax-privileged pension option of §3 / 15 EStG.




Employer has no costs, employees have the advantage that the premium is deducted from the gross wages.

Tax free

Not subject to social security levies!


The premium goes away from the gross salary, not from the net, in between the wage tax is the advantage.

Here the employee has the wage tax advantage AND the employer also saves about 7.26% in taxes.

3% local tax (KommStG) 3.9% employer contribution (FamLAG) 0.36% (Upper Austria) to 0.44% (Bgld) employer surcharge (WKG)


With a gross monthly income of € 2500, a tax benefit of € 8.75 is earned for the pension plan of € 25 per month.

In this tax bracket this is 2.8% return / tax advantage.


With our Insure Tech partner Finabro we process the contract digitally, no annoying contracts as well

Employee events, the employees do it very comfortably on the PC.

You can get an overview of the value of the saved pension model via your personal APP.

Only the wage calculation has to be done by a> haker <in the wage calculation program, but saved about 7% taxes.


MODEL On Top Version ,

Company pays the max € 25 a month.


Social security and tax free!

Spending has a tax-minimizing effect on operations.

KV, UV, pension provision, death, care, disability.

Group formation, e.g. all employees who have been with the company for 3 years.


Package examples

Company pension insurance.

Eg group sick (special class after accident costs about € 13 a month)

Eg collective accident / for example for a roofer € 12.5 / back office receives pension insurance in the same amount of premiums


The employer pays the premium

Original policy administrator of the respective insurer, employee receives a copy.



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