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property damage 

Manager Liability - Breach of duty due to statutory liability provisions

corporate D&O 

VN is company VP GF, board AR ... pecuniary loss  



Internal relationship / claim for compensation internal claims 

External relationship / compensation claims External third party claims 

Subsidiary and parent company § 244 UGB

Sister societies are not automatically insured

GmbH : CEO/AR/Advisory Board 

AG: Executive Board / Supervisory Board / Advisory Board 

Foundation and Association : Board / AR


Executive employees Limitation of liability § 4 DHG judicial moderation up to 00 

Excusable mistake..


Residual liability risk: Why commercial directors and executives still need personal D&O protection from R+V!

Although these senior employees are members of the management board and usually also have budget responsibility, they are to be regarded as employees under labor law. Although you benefit from the liability privilege under the DHG, there is still a residual risk, especially since the court is responsible for moderating the claim for damages - and how they will then decide is difficult to predict! This means a restriction of the financial possibilities of the policyholder, who has to advance procedural costs and at the same time may also see his job at risk.

WHAT is insured 

Control, advisory and managerial activities 

operational activities 

ODL mandates / third-party mandates — profit-non-profit eg association activities


GF/Board of Directors list of duties 

From laws or contracts 

GmbH law of orderly/conscientious management 

In good faith, without self-interest, for the good of society 

Based on sufficient and reasonable information 

§25 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2  


Liability begins when you take up office (not only when you make an entry in the FB) 

Unlimited total private wealth 

Reversal of the burden of proof Organ is responsible for proving careful action 

Dual Risk Inside & Outside Liability 

5 years statute of limitations 

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