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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPS :

These additional packages are intended as information for you and represent an extract of the possibilities of our insurance partners VAV and Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

For more details you can contact me by email, chat or phone.

Household / home product

Damage to the pipes of geothermal collectors

Insurance protection in the event of breakage, including the necessary additional work
on pipelines of geothermal collectors filled with coolants for the generation of geothermal energy outside the building on the insurance property regardless of the cause.

Pipe replacement 6 meters per damage event

Damage to the equipment and fittings connected to the pipes of geothermal collectors as well as deep drilling are not insured.

The compensation is limited to the maximum compensation shown in the policy for each claim.

Insurance sum € 4,000, indicative premium approx. € 160.00 pa

Sum insured € 8,000, indicative premium approx. € 230.00

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