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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPS:

These additional packages are intended as information for you and represent an extract of the possibilities of our insurance partners VAV and Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

For more details you can contact me by email, chat or phone.


Household / home product



Insurance protection for things on the insurance property as well as on balconies and terraces , which are intended by the manufacturer for permanent installation outdoors against damage from fire, direct and indirect lightning, explosion, storm, hail and snow pressure.

The garden package's insurance cover applies in addition to the maximum compensation limits agreed in the PREMIUM variant.

Apply insured

  • · Playground facilities and enclosures of any kind

  • Brick garden grills, grill kitchen blocks, patio heaters

  • Pergolas, gazebos, garden pavilions, privacy screens, patio floors

  • · Laundry spiders, garden boxes, garden chests, plant troughs

  • Garden showers firmly connected to the floor

  • · Fountains

  • · Waste disposal systems including containers

  • · Parasols, awnings

The compensation is limited to a maximum compensation of € 3,000 per claim. Glass houses and party tents are not insured.

  • · Air heat and geothermal heat pumps from heating systems
    The compensation is limited to a maximum compensation of € 10,000 per claim.

Also apply insured

Cultures are trees and shrubs - with the exception of forest stands - which have been permanently damaged in an insured event by storm, hail, snow pressure due to uprooting or breakage of the main trunk.

The replacement service is limited to a maximum compensation of EUR 1,500, including disposal costs per claim. Indicative premium approx. € 80.-pa

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