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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPS:

These additional packages are intended as information for you and represent an extract of the possibilities of our insurance partners VAV and Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

For more details you can contact me by email, chat or phone.

Product car liability



In the event of an accident through no fault of your own, you are entitled to the reimbursement of rental car costs for the repair period or the loss of earnings for the period resulting from the inoperability of the vehicle. For this you pay a 25% surcharge on your liability insurance premium excluding motor-related insurance tax.

CAR HIRE Variant A

No rental car claim


Secure yourself a free damage, the first liability damage within a observation period does not lead to a higher premium.


Choose your sum insured (in euros):

  • 7.6 million - statutory minimum amount insured

  • 10 million - including "Subsidiary Driver Liability Insurance"

  • 15 million - high security - including "Subsidiary driver liability insurance"

  • 20 million - optimal security - including "Subsidiary driver liability insurance"

Subsidiary car driver liability insurance - free of charge from an insured sum of 10 million euros

With the subsidiary driver's liability insurance, the policyholder covers the risk that he will drive a motorcycle or a car / station wagon in Europe (scope according to AKHB), which he is not the owner or policyholder for, for whom there is insufficient coverage. The coverage of the subsidiary driver's liability insurance corresponds to the extent of the coverage of the policyholder's upright vehicle liability insurance contract with the VAV.

That means, no matter whose vehicle you drive, in Austria and other European countries you are always insured with your liability insurance sum of at least 10 million euros!

We pay up to EUR 80,000 for property damage that is not personal injury or property damage.

!! Note: Liability - compensation for young drivers

If a driver who has not reached the age of 23 causes damage that is subject to performance, a compensation for damage will be charged. The damage contribution for each insured event is no more than the compensation, but no more than EUR 400.00 including insurance tax. If both the liability and the comprehensive insurance are affected in the event of an insured event, the deductible is only required once from the comprehensive insurance.

The damage compensation contribution does not apply if it is an approved L-17 training trip or an approved L-training trip according to § 122 KFG and if the motorcycle tariff allows the insurance as a "young driver". This agreement does not cover trips that are held by a test driver's license as part of the multi-phase training (perfection drives and driver safety training).

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