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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPS:

These additional packages are intended as information for you and represent an extract of the possibilities of our insurance partners VAV and Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

For more details you can contact me by email, chat or phone.

Household / home product


Coverage from the start of installation:

  • Burglary damage for parts that have not yet been assembled, provided that they are accommodated in properly locked premises.

  • Damage from simple theft for objects firmly connected to the building.

  • Damage from elementary events (e.g. lightning, fire, natural disasters including earthquakes).

Coverage after commissioning:

  • Internal damage to the system (e.g. short circuit, material and manufacturing defects).

  • All external damage to the system.

  • Co-insured as consequential damage: incidental costs incurred in the event of damage to the system


Insurance coverage includes all parts belonging to the photovoltaic system (power generation), in particular consisting of the following individual components:

  • Feed-in and generation meters,

  • DC and AC wiring,

  • Distribution boxes (only in connection with damage to the insured

Photovoltaic system),

  • Module support structures,

  • Assembly set, such as connection, fastening and connection sets,

  • Transformers,

  • Surge protection devices (lightning protection),

  • Inverter as well

  • the necessary installation and assembly costs, provided the policyholder does this

carries the danger.

Mobile and permanently installed peripheral and monitoring devices are also insured outside of the insurance location, provided that they only serve to operate or monitor the insured system.

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