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SpeedSurance - Innovative TIPP`S:

Discounts from our partners such as VAV and Wiener Städtische, this is intended as information for you, represents an extract of the possibilities, exact details in the advice by email, chat, etc.


If your vehicle is regularly parked in a locked garage at night, we will grant you a garage discount.

The term "garage" includes:

  • Single or double garage

  • Boxes or lockable cages in collective garages

  • Underground or collective garages if they are locked at night.

    Do not fall under the term "garage":

• Car ports, parking spaces or similar

The VAV must be notified immediately if the garage is no longer used. If the information is incorrect, the discount will be charged back from the beginning or from the date of discontinuation.


Employees (active and retired employees as well as their spouses / partners in the same household) in the sectors or companies listed below, as well as in the public service or other government-related companies receive a special discount.

When concluding the contract, you will be asked to provide your data on the employment relationship (company, service number or service / place of employment).


Benefit from the VAV user discount if the insured vehicle is only driven by the policyholder and spouse / partner (maximum 2 people). The discount also applies if the policyholder and spouse / partner do not have the same residence.

If the vehicle is registered to a company, the estate can be granted in the same way as spouses / partners if a driver is named. Prerequisite for the premium reduction is that the insurance contract is in the KH premium levels -2 to 9 at the start of the contract.


If the vehicle was not driven by the group of people mentioned above in the event of an insurance claim, a compensation for damage will be charged. The damage contribution for each insured event is no more than the compensation, up to a maximum of EUR 250.00 including insurance tax. If both the liability and the comprehensive insurance are affected in the event of an insured event, the deductible is only required once from the comprehensive insurance.


Please indicate your expected annual mileage.
VAV Versicherung offers you tariff-based tariffing!

As a check, the VAV is entitled to check the information for the assignment of the contract to a kilometer class at any time and to request appropriate evidence from you.


If you or your partner have already insured a car / station wagon with VAV in the shared household and your second vehicle (only car / station wagon) is registered for the same policyholder or his spouse or partner in the same household, you will receive the second car bonus.

The second vehicle is rated three tier lower at VAV. Here's how it works:

  • Enter the actual level of your second vehicle in the "Bonus Malus Level" field. When registering a second car for the first time, this is level 9.

  • Select the "Second car bonus with" Yes ".

  • The further calculation of your premium now takes place including the discounts for the corresponding order

    bonus levels reduced by three levels. This does not apply to minus levels.

  • Have your policy number of the vehicle already insured with the VAV ready, you must enter this in the application questions for the "time car bonus".

    However, this only applies to premium levels -2 to 9 and only if there is no pending damage to the second vehicle that has not yet led to a reclassification towards malus.

    If the first vehicle ceases to exist, the bonus used does not apply.

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