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Compensation, criminal law,
Contract law,
Internet RS, Antistalking RS,
Data RS
Labor Court RS,
Functionary RS,
Reason &
  Tenancy law own AND sublet residential units. Families, inheritance law,
Disposal and patient RS,
Schoolchildren & Students RS
Handlebar RS
Travel world RS


COMPANIES and MANAGERS Legal protection
Criminal law  incl preliminary investigation 
Coverage of worldwide courts possible
Debt collection RS
Suppliers RS

Pecuniary loss RS 
Service contract RS

€ 1,000 budget of DAS legal protection for> clear conditions <budget for inheritance law / power of attorney as well as living will, with this budget you can do your things

regulate for times when there is no longer any possibility, divide property, who will regulate your affairs if it is no longer possible for you (account accesses, manage company) and determine the medical treatment in advance. 

EXECUTIVES Legal protection for those responsible for the misconduct of their employees.

general manager

Authorized Officers

construction foreman

assembly manager

Security Fire Protection Officer

branch manager

Liability and recourse RS

penal law

administrative law

Advice RS

Employment Law

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