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Andreas VAJAY was born in Vienna in 1974, a family man and a lateral thinker.

Sailing, golfing, mountain bike / down hill and skiing are mine


The question of the athletes to me is always, I WANT to use insurance if I need it, no problem with the new mountain-winter golf app. Download, book ... 60 seconds later = insured.

Or a nice alternative = annual travel insurance for our travelers.

I WANT uncomplicated damage management AND a car partner if something happens , think of half a deductible, free rental car in the car or direct billing for water / fire damage.

I WANT to calculate my premiums myself , to be in top condition without an insurance advisor, but then a broker is still available for me via chat, mail or social media and helps!

I WANT policies that grow with the new innovations.

I want my policies IMMEDIATELY & NOW,

SpeedSurance makes this possible.

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